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Fiverr does not treat all of its sellers equally


Some sellers just havent been caught yet, there are millions of gigs.
Just report the ones you see and get over it, find something else you can offer that is allowed and forget about other people…


Earlier i provided assignment service
but i got warning many days ago.
although i saw many seller are providing the same service.

fiverr doesnt care about at all.
Even there are many social media boost service gig which goes against tos but they exist.when i create this kind of gig,my gig got denied.

really unequal judgement.


Why is everyone so concerned with what everyone else is doing?

If someone copied your gigs, then yes - you should be upset & immediately report them.

If they’re selling something illegal, they’ll be caught sooner or later.

You should concentrate on creating (legal) great gigs and blowing away your competition.


I dont have any concern what anyone is doing. But why Fiverr only denies my gig? With the same niche as others are very successful.


Well perhaps someone in Customer Support doesn’t like you personally but it is more likely that they saw your gig and haven’t seen the other ones yet.


Your gigs were for doing school assignments. What’s more, one of your gigs offered help with proofreading (according to the title), but the gig description made it obvious that you were doing homework for others.

The gig in the same niche that you mentioned doesn’t offer writing someone else’s homework. It offers teaching students algebra.

Can’t you see the difference between teaching students math, and doing their homework for them?


You had a gig ‘I will provide coaching to proofread your essay and summary’

It included:
· Decide what kind of essay, summary, report or article to write.
· Brainstorm your topic.
· Do research.
· Write Introduction, abstract and conclusion
· Develop a thesis.
· Outline your essay, summary, report or article.
· Write your essay.
· Edit your writing to check spelling and grammar.
· Remove plagiarism
· Ability to perform tasks within a limited period of time


How do you see my denied gigs? Are you from Fiverr Customer Support?


It’s easy to find them through Google cache.

No, I’m not. Fiverr Customer Support doesn’t answer on the forum.


I don’t know how did you find my denied gigs. They aren’t in search results anymore.


How do you see this denied gig?


I told you. I found them through Google cache. The same way @offlinehelpers found your gig.


But why they don’t put my gig in the modification section? They deny it straightway.


It’s their right to deny a gig. You offered a forbidden service (in more than one gig), your gigs got denied. That’s all there is. They don’t owe it to you to put them in modification first.

Besides, when I look at your active gigs, I see that the URL says one thing, but the gig title says something completely different. That can be seen as deceptive, because you could have earned your reviews for one service, and now pretend that you earned them for something else. Maybe Customer Support wanted to prevent that from happening again, so they just denied your gigs? I’m just guessing here, of course; you’d have to ask Customer Support if you want an official answer.


Thank you so much, sir. you are a good and experienced seller. Hope to see you in future again if I need any help.


Can you see what she wrote just above your post? She saw it in google’s cache of your gig.


Catwriter is a very lovely lady, not a sir.


Ohh I’m sorry. @catwriter


Wow, I read whole the conversation and I also thought him sir. She is really a helpful and experienced seller.


I think they already have too much work to do trying to deal with people who create multiple accounts