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Fiverr does not work, do not use

This is the second time I have tried to use Fiverr to have a logo created and both times the person that was supposed to create my logo failed to deliver a finished product in the time frame alloted. Do not use this product.


Nice doggo!

I had the same experience with logo designers ages ago but then did some research and realized my budget was ridiculously low for what I was expecting. When I upped my budget I got a lot better results and service. Could this be the issue?


Just try to use the Fiverr tools to avoid that (review system, message the seller before ordering, seller experience…). I think Fiverr provides a very secure environment for buyers to order with total confidence. As as said by @eoinfinnegan, I would make sure my budget is up to the task I am ordering.


there are millions of gigs on Fiverr. If you have a bad experience or two that doesn’t mean the site is useless :slight_smile:

I had aslo some bad experiences with sellers but 99% of them were wonderful. I am always amazed at how much effort and quality one can receive from Fiverr sellers. It is advised to look for reviews and also message prior to ordering to check out if what you need can be be provided.

All the best


choose the good seller. you’ll get best result always. If you are looking for best design in cheap cost…You’ll be disappointed always. :wink:

Probably trying to pay $5 for a unique and amazing logo?

Say no more! :joy:

Ha, these replies are funny. You all seem to imply I did not offer to pay for quality work or attempt to search for a quality designer. The first designer has a 4.9 rating and over 1,000 reviews. The second designer had a 4.9 rating and 297 reviews. I also paid them EXACTLY what THEY requested for the work.

The whole problem lies in poor communication.

If I offered you a car for $25, would you believe it was a good deal and take it or would you wonder whether there was something wrong with it, whether I was a legitimate seller, whether it was stolen?

I dislike that some sellers do not deliver what they promise for the price shown but at the same time, a bit of caveat emptor needs to be brought into the decision making process too.

If this is the case then perhaps the price you pay needs to at least reflect the minimum wage of a country that you can communicate with someone who speaks your own language well.

So if a seller has 1000 5-star reviews, you believe they are a quality seller? If a seller has that many reviews but a price point of $5-25, what it means is that they consistently deliver work which is worth that price. For someone looking for a high-quality design, it means nothing. Creating lots of basic logos or template customizations will not suddenly transform someone from producing basic stuff into a high quality graphic designer.


I never thought about price points in that way. Thanks for this.

You have given the perfect answer :wink:

STOP COMPLAINING - If you’re looking Extremely quality work - Why don’t you buy the PRO SELLER GIG :blush:

I was never looking for a complex design. I completely undertand the get what you pay for mentality. But if I am going to pay a higher price there are many local business and designers in my own town that would be happy to have my work. I was looking for fast and transparently priced work which is what I thought Fiverr offered. It does not.

I appreciate everyone’s comments here and I take no offense. I’m just relating my experience and saying it did not work for me.


I don’t think the complaint is about the quality received but more so about the sellers not delivering on time.

I see your point here, but really, Fiverr is just a marketplace, not a services provider itself. It is exactly the same thing as your local business: I am sure there are good designers in your area, and not so good ones. But you can’t check their reviews.

I work both on freelance platforms and offline, real world. Rates are 1000% higher in offline, real world (yes, 10 times more, for example, translation fees are at $0.3 per word). Why I bother to work here? Because world is changing. Fiverr is more related to straight, get to the point work. No need for long business meetings, hours talking with potential customers, project studies… that made possible for me to cut prices, while keeping quality. But yes, if you try to cut prices TOO much to compete here (bad decision), quality suffer a lot.

It’s exactly the same which happens in real world marketplaces. How many times did you see ultra cheap product ads using appealing sentences? Of course! If I buy a KouKe Kola for 20 cents, and it tastes awful, should I blame them for putting the sentence “superb flavor, refresh you instantly” on the can? No. I knew what I was buying. But sometimes you find a little gem among those “cheap products”, and you find yourself saving tons of $$$ and enjoying them. In Europe we have some supermarkets that are very successful doing that, like the german “Lidl”: unknown brands that have high quality for a fraction of the price.

I know there are terrible sellers in Fiverr, and excellent ones. Not delivering on time is just a no no. I never delivered any single order (and I had completed a few…) late. But you had bad luck. Fiverr punishes heavily sellers delivering late.

Saying “Fiverr does not work, do not use” is just a unfortunate generalization which offers a biased view of the entire marketplace. I am sorry you had such a bad experience, but I think you will try again, until you find your gem.