Fiverr does not work on Safari


I have hired 2 people for 2 projects.

I asked them for specific changes yesterday.

I thought it was strange that my response messages were not showing in the conversation.

Turns out, Safari web browser on Mac does NOT work well with

The messages never sent.
I wrote a very long, thoughtful, detailed explanation for the multiple logos I was given.

These are all lost.

Then I tried writing to my website guy.

All that is lost now. Never sent. But Fiverr on Safari allows you to write the message, and even click “Send.” But it never sends.

So I opened firefox, and it works great. I just have to remember to use firefox just for


Are you using Safari 11.1.1?

I don’t even have a prob on my Mac with it?


Fiverr works best on Google Chrome, that’s my experience.


Also having issues w/ the latest version of Safari on MacOS. The inbox/notifications dropdown is broken.


Fiverr is optimized for Chrome though most people have no trouble on Firefox either. I think they openly recommend using Chrome if you have problems.


:+1: I can confirm this. A while back, when I was having problems, I was told exactly this, that Fiverr is recommended for Google Chrome.


I have been using Safari and Chrome on Macbook with no trouble until a few days ago. Since then, Safari no longer works (and there were no recent updates to my browser), and Chrome will no longer send messages. Same issue with Chrome on desktop. Microsoft Edge browser works fine. I contacted support and they thought they fixed it. It was fixed for a few hours, then right back to the same issues. Contacted support again, then they sent me a message that said “we are considering this issue resolved” while simultaneously saying they have elevated the issue to their tech department. That was the last I heard from them.


No I was amazed to learn that such a large company who makes living from people working on different OS’s don’t support Safari anymore. First I couldn’t send messages or deliver files. Now since this morning, I can’t read or reply to messages. Their coders don’t acknowledge Mac OS, their support says it’s made to work on Chrome and I am bailing to Envato Studio, no issues there. This is a huge shame for such a “successful” corporation, to completely ignore OSX


Same situation. Not working properly on Safari.


I’m not sure of this, but as far as I know Safari is an iOS only browser. I can understand why a company would optimize their platform for a browser that is multi-platform. I think they do try to bring things along so that they’ll work on browsers like Safari down the road, but their first choice is typically Chrome which I’ve been able to utilize on every device I have. (I’m not in this for an argument, that’s just an opinion, so I may not respond to comments depending on avaiable time.)


Same here. Fiverr is becoming a joke since everyone is building sites that work on every platform/browser but Fiverr who says it’s made for Chrome (but it won’t let me login in Chrome!)


I saw Google chrome is they recommend browser only . All browsers are supported.


That’s a joke. I mostly use Safari and saying that it’s not supported is understatement. There is no way to even see the messaging window properly in Safari, not to mention that there is no way to send messages and attachments. They just disappear. I’ve installed Chrome only for Fiverr and I have to refresh the login window some 3-4 times and to retry to log in in order to get in my account.