Fiverr Does The Harlem Shake


We had to do it… we just had to!

Fiverr joined the worldwide craze of The Harlem Shake.

Check it out:

What do you think?

Which other cool Harlem Shake videos have you seen?


check out my gig and collect please I would love if i get orders :slight_smile:


great video


A little fun at the workplace never hurts, does it :slight_smile: ?


Too funny!


What I want to see is them do the CHICKEN DANCE! hahaha looks like you all have fun


Oh I vote to see them do that too!


Haha love it.

I actually made a Harlem Shake video to promote my Fiverr gig…


Have to agree with you there madmoo, ewww!


Please reply to this topic


Reply to @doyley3731: lol that is awesome! teach my for $5 lol?


Let us do gigs collection


Hmmm… now if he danced a bit…


I just don’t get this Harlem Shake thing. I watched a video on Youtube where a man was teaching this dance and it was nothing like this, it was a proper dance.

Just don’t get it.


Reply to @deedeem: There is a ‘real’ Harlem Shake dance -it’s from quite awhile ago. The Harlem Shake that’s getting all the attention now is a viral ‘meme’ that started from a parody of the video for the song Harlem Shake that came out last year.

At least that’s my understanding.


Funny! XD


Harlem Shake is so cool. My crew create one on the spur of the moment (not well lit) and planned to create a gig of it but haven’t yet. It was very fun to make. Check it out :wink:


hahaha… very funny!


Reply to @arnevb: Pure weird things happening. Wanna see again?


Reply to @doyley3731: This absolutely amazing…will definitely be buying this gig!