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Fiverr doesn't accept my own logos pictures

Hello, I made a fiverr for creating a logo. I went ahead and posted some of my own logo in black background and white colour logo, as a gig picture, but for some it denied it. And it does it two times. I only can show them on a white background in a black colour. Help me pls.

I had an order that went throught but my gig got denied and I don’t know if it will pay me as well.

Waiting for a quick response,


do they tell you what was the reason? your gig being rejected?

For the none original images. I had a logo in mockups at first that was just fine and I wanted to add more and that’s why it got denied. I had one order done on it and one in progress

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have you contact Fiverr CS? I think you should

Can you post a picture of your logo here for us to see?

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sure, here is my logofolio on behance :

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They probably ran a checker and it found the logo you were uploading for your image already on the internet (on the site where you uploaded it). So Fiverr then assumes it’s unoriginal as they have no proof that the one on the web was done by you. You could contact them and show them proof you made it/them (eg. source files).


How can I contact them ? I don’t found anything

No, thats not it. I run his logos from portfolio and it does not give me results, the black white is to generic to track down.

And multiple sellers here are also using other freelancing sites with same images as on Fiverr with no issues.

@jeremienguyen Open ticket with CS and be persistent and polite.

Will I loose the order that started just before my gig got down? I am still working on it

No, it should not affect your order.