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Fiverr doesn't calculate the delivery date based on number of orders?


Hi! I have for instance a gig which has 5 days for delivery date. Then, the buyer makes an order for 5 of these ones. And fiverr says the delivery date is 5 days, instead of making the math 5 days x 5 orders= 25 days.
Is there a way to fix this in configurations, or it is just like that? What can I do?

Normally I don’t have this problem because after talking with the client I myself create a custom offer with the correct delivery date, but sometimes the client just makes the order himself in my gig…

Thanks in advance!


Each order or multiple of the order still has the same five days delivery time.

You can request that the delivery time be extended with the resolution center button.


Thank you misscrystal, I’m going to try that.