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Fiverr doesnt care about sellers, only buyers

I have no energy to even explain what happened, but I just wanna make sure to tell people to NOT join this platform. They don’t care about sellers, just buyers and do anything and everything to make them happy. One client had a revision and after that approved the order. Fiverr contacted me after saying she was not happy so they locked my payment methods. I had no response after 6-7 days of creating support tickets, no phone number, no explanation. They said i should have had offered a revision, which I DID, you can tell they dont even understand whats going on. It is very frustrating how they DO NOT CARE. There commission was 90 USD… from 450, I got 360, which now im realizing, is a F lot! stay away from this platform. 6 days with no replies? And also the pressed “solved” to my support tickets with NO replies or explanations.


Right, Fiverr always Respect Buyer


Fiverr is a business.

We get to “join” for FREE which gives us a FREE platform to promote our freelance offerings.

We do not have to pay anything if our Gigs sit for weeks or months without action.

The fee Fiverr earns from any Seller activity amounts to a commission.

It is far less than what you would pay if Fiverr was membership-based and the web page you have your Gigs and profile on you had to pay a monthly fee to retain.

I have no problem with the payment system Fiverr has in place as it is actually quite cheap.

As for Fiverr siding with Buyers over Sellers, that is their choice.

If you can’t play by Fiverr’s rules, then you shouldn’t be here and it sounds like you are leaving.

Good luck on your future plans.


I’m leaving because Fiverr doesnt even follow their own rules. 6 days without a reply from anyone on the fiverr side is a little sketchy. I dont mind paying the fee, youre just not getting the point.


I do get it.

You’re not happy.

Do what you have to do to find your happy place.

I just disagree with your methods.

Some of us don’t mind it here.


I understand what you say. But I feel you didnt read the first post. I’ve been on fiverr for a long time, years. Already made thousands through here, my point was that after a client had a revision, and after they accepted the order, I got my account locked, and not being able to withdraw. And that from every angle possible it is not right. No one can be happy with something so not fair.


I actually DID read your post.

I understand your frustration.

Your post is still angry and negative.

It doesn’t make you out to be very professional, regardless of how Fiverr apparently treated you.

But that’s my opinion…which I’m entitled to have.

Again, I do get your story.

I just think you could have presented it differently than wanting to “make sure to tell people to NOT join this platform” (which is a direct quote from your first line).


Leave, don’t leave, find another place, don’t find another place…

Find me a single platform that has 0 cons and hundreds of pros. I bet my entire pocket you won’t ever find that.

You lost a few hundred dollars. So what, can’t you earn and profit from future buyers’ orders? Then raise your prices to compensate for your loss.

Even if you do find a platform that charges a lower fee and responds to your tickets within minutes, that platform would have other paywalls or would not be a popular website nor would attract any new buyers.

Fiverr is one of the top freelancing websites that has a fair price. Be happy this platform exists. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have these “thousands” in your account.


You guys clearly dont get it.


Actually we do get it.

You are upset about a freelance platform that has allowed you to make thousands of dollars over the years that has blatantly broken their own rules.

That’s pretty clear.


I get it, but what can we do, we’re just the forum and it’s members :confused:

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You don’t understand him, you guys are only like pointing fingers at him and not his point, his point is the way fiverr handled his situation improperly, I read his post and if that’s true then fiverr did very very wrong
How could I waste my time and render my services then at the end the person tries to scam me and you didn’t even look into the situation properly and you concluded without even knowing what really happened

That creates more room for scammers and more room for that particular buyer to do the same thing to more sellers which is very bad


This is simply not good enough from fiverr.
The rest of ur post is venting which is what this category is for so vent away.

Did you ever get any communication from Fiverr after they refunded? What did they say exactly?

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I can appreciate that.

Having been a business owner myself for several years, I can see how sometimes a promise gets broken due to unforeseen circumstances.

It happens.

The sad thing is that the unhappy Seller didn’t allow for the potential of a good reason for the delay.

I have learned that it is best to get the full story before you start complaining about something.

The OP was on a rant.

My comments were directed to the direction of his rant.

I still understand his position, but I also see it from the other side.

Sure, a six day wait seems to be long.

But what if the CS Department was dealing with an emergency of their own?

We get better service when we respect those giving us that service, regardless of how long it takes.

We have no way of knowing what caused the delay but I can bet that it wasn’t because Fiverr CS had nothing better to do than drag their feet.

That’s all I’m getting at.

But, hey, thanks for your feedback.

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I get it. Sometimes the results here just feel very uneven. Maybe they are even but from lack of a clear explanation, they feel wrong.

Yes the OP is uneven and angry but if I lost money in a situation I could not make sense of in any rational way, I would be there too. We all would.

This is the Ranting Pot and a good rant is rarely even. Nor should it be all the time. It is the ability to just spit that frustration and be heard. I have had threads here where everyone simply told me I had no right… Not helpful at all.

So @bashmayer I hear you and think it is less than ideal, if not totally FUBAR.

One of the problems is that all the platforms now work on the idea that they indicate they Mediate and resolve issues but in reality, they do not/cannot for fear of being sued by an unhappy person (buyer mostly) so they simply say to both parties: “work it out”, then when that doesn’t work they let the buyer Cancel under the idea that they cannot force them to do anything. Even tho generally the essence of a contract is that it is binding on both parties - buyer and seller alike. But they have fancy lawyers to check all this stuff so they are covered - regardless of the cost to anyone not them.

The next step is to work out how to move forward.



There are succesfull seller and failed seller.
and right now…, Fiverr is the best platform you can find.
YES…, It’s still far beyond “perfect”, BUT you can’t find a perfect platform.

IF you easily give up because few unhappy situations, i don’t think similar situation won’t happens on others.

This is untrue. I read many post where Seller got abused by scam buyer and Fiverr CS help Seller get their money even though Buyer open dispute and want to cancel.

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spent time on fiverr everyday. keep going on, you will get :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I like the way you talk
You’re welcome

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So, the above sounds as though you created more than ONE ticket for your issue? There is no phone number you can ring a Fiverr customer rep up on, so that is a moot point.

My guess is you did create more than one ticket complaining (probably in the tone you are here) about your issue - when you do this, (create multiple tickets to ask about the same thing) they tend to press the SOLVED button and not reply. Why do they do this, you ask? Well, because in Fiverr customer service land, they see creating multiple tickets as spamming them. Hey, I don’t make the rules, I am just telling you the likely reason why your tickets were closed.

Then how can anyone here comment objectively?

I think there is much more to your story, but, you have “no energy” to state your case here, so, I guess it is hard to see your side. By the way, I think most of us who have been here for any length of time (me 8 years) HAVE had buyer(s) who have ripped us off for 100’s of dollars. My largest was a $300 order. Was I pissed? Yep. Did I throw in the towel and quit because of it? No. You say later in this thread you make 1000’s of dollars here. Why are you so easily defeated?

I doubt your warning to not join this platform will prevent the 1000’s who join daily with stars in their eyes thinking they will grow rich beyond their wildest dreams offering the same service as the last guy in overly saturated categories.



What do you mean by locked your payment methods?
Is it that you cannot withdraw the money yet?
Has the order been cancelled?
Have you withdrawn the money already?

My understanding is that you have withdrawn the money and Fiverr now wants to recover it from you? We seriously need more information to understand the situation. However, we are only buyers and sellers on the forum who cannot do much but offer suggestions.

Regarding no replies, do not reply to the same support ticket again and again. Try reaching out to them on twitter or Facebook. That seems to work sometimes.

And yeah…

Don’t lose hope.