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Fiverr doesn't comply with Payment Services Directive 2 which means ALL cc companies will deny payment for EU users

Payment Services Directive 2

This means that all EU buyers will not be able to pay their seller if any amount exceeds 100 usd as the cc companies will automatically deny the transaction. When i called my CC company, they said that fiverr does not comply the directive, thereby they are blacklisted for all eu users.

This needs to be addressed ASAP


Did you send a note to customer service asking them about this?

That would really be bad if that is true! We like our EU buyers here!



i did but i have not received reply yet

The temporary solution is that you split into smaller order and the payment will go through. But anything above 100 usd, the payment transaction will be cancelled. I confirmed this with my CC holder mastercard that fiverr do not comply with the new EU law therefor they are blacklisted

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I am a little puzzled about this.

Which part exactly they don’t comply with?

That is not true because I was getting orders from people based in the rules.

That directive is for eu based buyers and eu based sellers and fiverr is a US and Israel based company.

Anyway, I’ll be curious to hear fiverr CS answer on this.


When i called they told me that fiver didnt comply the directive in generals. They didnt say exactly what they didnt comply with. This is something fiverr need to reply with

This directive does apply to eu buyers/sellers. but the law is enforceable even if the company isnt eu as the law applys to users in eu who send money transaction.
Its fiver decision whether they want to uphold the eu law or not. If they dont, they will ultimately impact a lot of EU users using fiver… since CC holders have whitelist of business that complies with eu law and those who doesnt. And they block transaction accordingly, even if the company isnt a non eu
If you were getting orders and they confirmed to you that they are in a country that is member of European Union, then the sum of that order didnt exceed 100 usd

I got an order from an EU buyer yesterday. The order exceeded $100 ($160), so unless it all happened today, it seems a bit off.


I can see the country of buyers on their profile and I didn’t have orders less than 120$ in a very long time. So yes, I had orders from people in EU with the amount higher than 100$


I believe it might be this buyer’s own bank, if anything else.