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Fiverr doesn't have my back

So a client had 4 orders completed by me, and for some sort of technical problem with his bank the orders gor cancelled. I received messages from fiverr saying the orders got cancelled and funds were returned to the buyer followed by mails saying that fiverr got my back and this was not going to affect my cancellation rate and I was going to receive payment for those cancelled orders. After that, my order completion rate dropped from 97 to 95, and I still have to see about the money…sigh


I had exactly the same situation about a week ago - the buyer cancelled three orders that was completed during May 2019 with 5 stars reviews. And I’ve got the same message with “Fiverr has your back”. Luckily for me, my completion rate didn’t drop, as well as I got my money back - and to be sure about that I contacted CS.
So I think you should contact CS too and ask them about your completion rate and refund. Chargebacks are awful thing for us, sellers, but I’m pretty sure that everything will be just fine.


Yes,He( @avillax ) should contact CS,my few friends had same problem. They contact with CS and they return the funds.

I just did, unfortunately, there hasn’t been a single time where they could reverse a situation, they always say “sorry we can’t do anything about it”.

Let’s see