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Fiverr doesn't let me delete "I Will" word from my GIG Title

I am having an issue that doesn’t let me delete the “I Will” from original GIG title sample. Because of this I can’t complete my profile and can’t be a seller.

Opera Anlık Görüntü

Hi @burninbee, welcome to the Fiverr forums. This isn’t a bug—all Gigs on Fiverr must start with the words “I will”, and then you fill out the rest of the title to describe the service you’re offering.

But it says “title can not contain”, as you see, I described what I do, but it still won’t let me go. What am I need to do?

Is there are more text in your title? You haven’t used the dollar sign or a numerical amount anywhere, have you?

No, I didn’t use neither two. Just saying “Here is the classical guitarist that you are looking for”.

I wonder if the system is triggered by the use of “for” at the end of your title. It might think you’re trying to say “for $5”. Try moving it and see what happens.

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By the way, as @elena_canty said, Fiverr adds the words “I will” before your title text. So it’s a good idea to write something in that box that makes sense with those words.

For example, you could write: (I will) record any song for you as a classical guitarist.

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Thank you so much, it worked. As you say, system is triggering “for” word as a price when it writes at the end of the title.

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You’re welcome. Glad you can get your gig moving forward. :slight_smile: