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Fiverr doesn't pay me

Incredible: Fiverr doesn’t give me the money I worked for.
I contacted the staff and they told me that due to some buyers (not satisfied with my job) they temporarily blocked the withdrawal of the money earned. But they didn’t tell me who the disgruntled buyers are. so I should ask all the recent buyers if they have had problems with my work. Can anyone even lie? )
I don’t die for $ 200, but I told them I want my money and then I leave fiverr.
I want:
1 list of disgruntled buyers
2 I want my money.
3 quick please
I am disappointed and angry at Fiverr.
I never thought of writing these words after three and a half years.
Yet if you go to your settings page, it says: collect your money before disabling yourself "

Long live Italy
Fiverr doesn’t pay me
Incredibile: Fiverr non mi da i soldi per cui ho lavorato.
Ho contattato lo staff e loro mi hanno detto che a causa di alcuni buyers ( non soddisfatti del mio lavoro ) mi hanno momentaneamente bloccato il ritiro dei soldi guadagnati. Ma non mi hanno detto chi sono i buyers scontenti. quindi dovrei chiedere a tutti i recenti buyers se hanno avuto problemi con il mio lavoro. Qualcuno può anche mentire? )
Non muoio per 200 dollari, ma ho detto loro che voglio i miei soldi e poi me ne vado da fiverr.
1 lista dei buyer scontenti
2 voglio i miei soldi.
3 rapidi prego
Sono deluso e adirato da Fiverr.
Non pensavo mai di scrivere queste parole dopo tre anni e mezzo.
Eppure se voi andate nella vostra pagina settings , c’è scritto : ritira i tuoi soldi prima di disabilitarti"
Viva l’Italia
Fiverr non mi paga

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here the job of fiverr

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Did you have any orders cancelled recently?

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in the past I had…
Now the staff replied that it refers to an old order …
I replied, but are we sure it’s not a joke ??
I believe I have made a strong contribution to the creation of the new item Car wrap, recently added by Fiverr.
I am currently the biggest seller of car wrap. Lately I’ve had problems with the new system, as I lost the levels due to not responding quickly. In practice I should sleep maybe 1 or 2 hours a night. I’m Italian and the time zone doesn’t help me. I can answer when I wake up in the morning.


Hi, I think you have worked really hard to leave this way. Ask the Fiverr Support team nicely on the next steps you can take to withdraw your funds. They are always willing to help.

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I hope you don’t leave. We all have to give a refund now and then. You will make up that much and a lot more.

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I want to work but in these conditions it’s very hard…

Thanks misscrystal, but I don’t understand good what we all have to give a refund…

Sometimes, you have to realize that the person on the other end is also a human. You need to communicate your frustrations effectively and be as polite as you possibly can. The Fiverr support team would help you resolve this matter in no time.

I always communicated kindly with the staff. Always.
And they always solved my problems.
But this seems almost a provocation to me.
I know very well that the staff are great.
I also thanked Eddie of Fiverr.:slight_smile:

Tagliatelle al ragù ( Bolognese ) and Prosecco this evening!!!:slight_smile: