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Fiverr Doesn't Protect Sellers From Fake Buyers

Hello Community,

A buyer is not responding since a month. If the buyer don’t respond me how I can work for him & deliver his order… I am tried to message him almost every single day. But no respond.

For this my profile ranking is going low and it is a factor for me. Fiverr don’t care about sellers , I am little bit hopeless for it. Because at this point this is not my fault so if I cancel this order then my cancellation rate will be increased that will also effect on my profile ranking. And I know what support team will say me " we can’t help you, if you want to cancel then your cancellation rate will increased " … But why ??

Why there is no such rules for sellers to fake orders & customers… Nowadays people threaten me like that " You have to do this order for $5 (after placing order) , Otherwise I will give you 1 star" … How this can be fair? how can I spend hours of hours and buyer just pay us $5 … Still buyers don’t happy… Also they don’t want to cancel the order, that is too shocking…

I am very much disappointed with fiverr rules & regulation for sellers… Hope for a good solution.

What you guyz are thoughts about this ?



I am sorry to hear you had bad experience with buyers. Me too! And I was doing what they want.

Once a buyer made an order. After I delivered he wanted to cancel and get the work for free. And I cancelled, because :exploding_head: my head exploded.

But there is a solution: do you know CS? (Fiverr Customer Support) They care for sellers, which have a bad experience with buyers. You need to explain your case and prove the buyer is fake. They may respond or help up to 48 hours.

Here is a link to contact them:


I don’t understand what a ‘fake’ buyer is to be honest.

You’ve had a buyer order and then not give you their order details - it happens a lot. Whatever you do, please don’t cancel the order in the meantime. What’s happened to the buyer? Who knows - life happens, things get in the way.

If that happens, pleasecontact CS, That shouldn’t be happening.

If you’ve done the work, and more by the sounds of it, why would you want to cancel?


Thank You For Your Helpful Reply… I will keep this in my mind… Thanks a lot.

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you’re right for but maybe they can do something about it

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truueeeeeee, i can’t even get a reasonable bidPreformatted text

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