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Fiverr doesn't want to delete reported gigs, why?

I found a lot of gigs in the video animation category that are offering videos made from FREE templates. In some cases, the author clearly expresses that she/he doesn’t allow people to sell her/his template anywhere so I reported these gigs to Fiverr (with the video/template’s official link) and there aren’t anything happening. Some of the reported gigs have hundreds or even a thousand good review though, so Fiverr doesn’t want to lose money made by these?


offering videos made from FREE templates. In some cases, the author clearly expresses that she/he doesn’t allow people to sell her/his template anywhere

But are they selling the template or videos created with the template? Does the author allow people to sell videos created with his/her template even if he doesn’t allow people to sell the template itself?

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This is the basic jist of it. In fact, if I could go back in time knowing what I do now, I’d probably just flog the same gigs. There’s gold in them there copyright infringement hills and (apparently) its the safest job on Fiverr!

Whilst I admire your enthusiasm to clean up Fiverr’s website for them, I do hope this won’t get you into any trouble for over-reporting.

How can you be 100% sure that the sellers haven’t got the right licence to resell/customise the templates etc.? They may have been purchased when licence terms were different, come to a special arrangement with the creator etc. perhaps even bought the right licences.

Don’t get me wrong - only items with the correct commercial licence should be resold on Fiverr, but reporting every seller you assume isn’t doing the right thing would seem unfair.

Some of us do spend a fair amount of money to ensure we have got the right licences, and I’d hate to be presumed guilty by somebody and reported if I’d done nothing wrong.


I do like your objectivity. However, in the case of the vast majority of sellers reselling templates, the evidence is clear cut.

There are literally 100’s of sellers in some categories selling the exact same templates (which can be easily found on places like Videohive) for $5 - $100+. To assume that each seller has come to a special agreement with the original content creator, is simply illogical.

What boggles the mind, is how forgetting to include ‘service available exclusively at Fiverr’ can see a gig video flagged by Fiverr, but not the uploading by several different sellers of the exact video material. In the very least, you would expect Fiverr to ask a few questions regarding the origin of such material.

Anyway, as it stands, I personally think this will be the downfall of Fiverr.

  • Having this kind of activity so prevalent is completely counter to the ethos of a platform offering ‘PRO’ services
  • Because elements in video work often carry (in the source files) personally identifiable information regarding the materials true creator, Fiverr is in breach of GDPR regulations
  • New EU copyright laws will soon see Fiverr put itself at risk of incurring significant fines regarding just the hosting of this content
  • With Youtube using more sophisticated copyright infringement detection tools, more buyers who upload work purchased on Fiverr, will eventually start having content automatically taken down
  • Knowingly hosting copyright infringed content, is counter to Amazons web services TOS which Fiverr has to abide by through use of AWS services

In the very least, allowing this kind of seller behavior to go unchecked for so long, infers that Fiverr has no real plans to be around as indefinitely as some might like to think it might.

Also, just as an aside, I did purchase exclusive Fiverr distribution rights from a Videohive creator regarding 1 x template being sold by several sellers on Fiverr. Technically, I could, therefore sue every time I find a gig selling what is essentially my work. - In reality, though, I think that would just result in an account ban. In this case, I’m saving that one for a rainy day.


I didn’t report anybody without thinking. I could report twice as suspicious people there are as already being reported ones (huh that was a hard sentence to me, hope you understand it :P)

You’re right. I could be mistaken about judging somebody but you usually can tell “everything” about a seller if you take a look at his/her profile.

In a nutshell, Hope I didn’t report someone like you accidentaly. :slight_smile:

Thank you - so do I! :wink:

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It’s quite unethical to me at least, to download a free template and blatantly sell it to people even though you’re allowed to do this! As #cyaxrex mentioned above, it doesn’t fit the image of a platform offering “PRO services”

It’s far accepted to create something better or different from a free template (in case, you’re allowed to do this).

Not everybody can afford the Pro prices.

That’s why there will always be a market for the $5 and upwards gigs.

So long as it’s legally done, I see nothing wrong with charging for your time to produce something which you may have got for nothing, but you’re enhancing it for somebody who hasn’t got the time/inclination/skills to do it.

What next - no voice over category allowed because most people have a voice and can buy a microphone so they could do it themselves? :wink: (Just an example folks - nothing against VO artists obviously!


I think the only thing you can do to stop these illegal actions and report to the author of the videos the improper use of his material.