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Fiverr Doesn't Work on Chrome? Seriously?

I recently kept getting errors when I tried to deliver my gig (images well within the size limits). After trying everything I could think of – clearing cookies, different file types, delivering one at a time, different file names – I contacted CS. They suggested I use a different browser. I closed Chrome, opened Safari, and it worked! Seriously? What kind of site isn’t compatible with Chrome? I mean I’m relieved the fix was that simple but it feels ridiculous to have to use Fiverr on a different browser.

I am also using Chrome and don’t have any issues :wink:

Must be another issue with your browser (check your addons) because chrome works the best for me.

Works great for me…

Fine for me as well

Any chance you are using Adblock Plus add-on?

I use Chrome under Windows and under Linux. If you have all updated, you must not have problems. Regards

I have used Chrome for fiverr for at least 3 years and find it works best for this site.

I’m using Chrome without those issues. Maybe it was an isolated event or something to do with the way your Chrome is setup specifically (extensions/blockers/settings)?