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Fiverr doesn't works properly

Fiverr doesn’t works properly. I cant see notifications, to do list and messages too. May sales and many other buttons doesn’t works.

Am I only one facing this issue?

I guess we’re all in this together! Glad I’m not the only one.

Nope, I believe we all are.

Great I just got a message for a gig and now i cannot respond man what a bummer

They should take some maintenance break

Same here guys…

I can’t read messages in my inbox too.

Fiverr admin, are you listening?

Reply to @sfpkirk: Same situation with me too. reply to through your mobile app. Mobile app works perfectly

Reply to @bestanimators: Use mobile app. It works

Same, just received a message from a buyer, can’t reply :S

I wonder how long this will take seeing as I have an express gig this is worrisome.

Hahahahaha! I thought they were blocking me for some bogus TOS violations! Glad to see I’m not the only one!!

same here

same here :frowning: I can’t Deliver my works :confused:

Yeahh, same with me :smiley:

Fiverr is going down too often. And this is a bad experience for the new customers. I think fiverr should announce a maintenance break for a day and fix all these issues. Just my thoughts.

I just got a message too, on an order page, but I cannot access the reply box on the app. I wonder how they got to it?

Reply to @cebooker: That would be nice, but it seems they only announce things after they’ve happened. Maybe this is their maintenance day lol.

i got worried that it was just me.

Reply to @cebooker: Yea… That would be better… All freelancing websites do it…But they just don’t stuck.