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Fiverr doing NOTHING to remove a one star review from a FAKE account

What a nightmare!
I received a malicious, negative one star review that had absolutely no relevence to the gig or work delivered from what now turns out to be a FAKE account and Fiverr Customer Services are telling me they can’t remove the feedback.

This is pathetic, one of the Customer Service agents actually offered to the cancel the gig, refund the money but told me the negative feedback would remain…

“We will be happy to cancel the order, if that is what you suggest, but it will not remove the feedback.”

We are expected to take this platform seriously whereas you don’t take your Seller’s reputations seriously at all. You talk about wanting us to provide excellent services to Buyers when they can mark our delivery one star no matter what we say or what we deliver and we are stuck with it, even when it turns out to be a fake account review bombing legitimate gigs.

I saw the 1.5 star review you got with just the word “average”.

That’s not much to go on.

I got my first one star review from a sick woman who lied about what she got from me, for no other reason than she is very ill and does things like this to everyone she encounters.
It’s provable she lied: she said I took only minutes to deliver her order when the timestamps show it was four hours, but that’s still ok apparently for her to leave a lie about me.

So I agree that it’s unfair in some cases but in your case, to simply have a review that says “average”, it’s not something that is objectively verifiable, it’s just an opinion.


It was a promotion gig and rather than wait for results he left that review within the first hour and disappeared, he hasn’t even responded to messages or the feedback change request.

The ridiculous thing is the promotion was a success, we generated engagement and sales for his book!

I’m more angry at Fiverr for their ridiculous offer of a solution though.

“While the order is still Completed, you can send the buyer a feedback modification request using the Resolve Now button at the top of your order page. However, now that the order has been cancelled, this option is no longer available.”


I’ve been trying to get this resolved for three days and now somebody in Customer Services has decided to cancel it and wreck my chances of having it removed.

Welcome to Fiverr ladies and gentlemen.

It wouldn’t have been removed anyway. They can say anything they want about you, true or not. Don’t worry about it, that wasn’t the worst review I’ve ever seen.

Come on, its not such a big deal. I got a one star recently, no buyers have mentioned it and sales havent slowed down. I think if anything, it will keep unreasonable people away. Was mine fair? No. But such is life.
The world is full of unreasonable people, we are all bound to get them at some stage.
Moaning at or about CS is not going to make any difference so just move on.