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Fiverr Doing Wrong With Seller

Actually i’m lot of time face Problem Buyer Place The Order by mistake and after few minute Request for Dispute its does not matter he request for dispute but problem is why my order completion rate down without my mistake ?


What is the reason for order cancellation?

You know every buyer after place order said only one reason i’m place this order by mistake

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If this is the case, check out your Gig(s) descriptions for possible misinterpretations.

Something that may confuse Buyers…
Something that could be understood differently on Buyer’s side.

My Descriptions is totally perfect and Can you explain me what is relation between my Order completion rate or discription? My Question is if the mistake from Buyer Side and Buyer want to cancel order But Why Seller Order complete Rate Going to down in case seller have nothing any mistake

To be honest with you, it’s a bit painful to read and understand your post and Gig’s descriptions. The same may happen to your Buyers.

Eg. “I Will Create New Subscribe Reminder Button For Your Channel Its Really Helpful For increasing Your Subscribe Transparent Background Or Green Background Both Are Available…”

You do not use periods in your sentences. You use a lot of upper cases in sentences, etc.

The relation is simple. If your Buyer misunderstood your description because it was not clear enough for them, they may decide to cancel the order because they would actually get something that they did not need.

If you think so then it is fine.

This is one example. I think I understand what you want to say here. Would Buyer understand it as well?

You may consider to take a language course, that may help a lot.


Actually its my habit text uppercase i will try to fix and also i’m try to improve my English but in case if the buyer misunderstood my description so why he place the order ? now can you help me in this topic how i can cancel this order without any effecting on my profile