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Fiverr don't care about the Seller

I think Fiverr is not a good place for the seller .
They disabled my account, they are saying that I am using more than one account but I disabled my previous account permanently
Fiverr don’t care about Seller
Now time to move on another marketplace
Really got bad experiences here


I somewhat agree to this statement.


No No Fiverr Is good Place For Sellers Before Joining Fiverr I was Poor But Now rich


Keep it Up brother :upside_down_face:

Why did you close your previous account?

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I was not getting any good results from the previous account that’s why I deleted my previous account @mariashtelle1

I’m telling this based on my experience in Fiverr. If you want to get a quick order, Please be specific around your specialty. Reply for buyer request by focusing only actual requirement of the buyer. When the buyer reads your proposal it should convinced him that you’ve really got his requirement and you have talents to do his work 100% perfectly. Then you’ll receive more orders.
Wish you all the best


Please read my topic again and then make comment @engisanjeewa

You will never get good results. You should try free Fiverr Freelancing Essential Course. And you should develop your brand awareness. Without any best SEO-onpage or offpage, never possible to get any good results.


@webgaragepro thank you for your advice but no more on fiverr

Agree with you. But your result is too best.
Nice to meet you!

I know it you are banned from Fiverr Marketplace so…

You do realise that’s it’s a very silly decision?
It’s like not getting work and changing your laptop hoping that it will bring you more clients.

Did you ask fiverr CS a permission to close your account and open a new one?

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i also got this problem from fu**ing Fiverr, they really don’t care about the seller . i got 2 good reviews and 5* rating from buyer . but after got review they disable my previous account parmanently . its really time to move another marketplace… they disaponted us.

You both must did any illegal activities against Fiverr ToC. That’s a punishment dear friend. @mujahid04 @fuad824232 :slight_smile:

@mariashtelle1 of course I took refuge in Fiverr CS

@webgaragepro Don’t make a joke brother :rofl: :joy:

Don’t worry, Try another account and must follow the ToC very well!
If you need any assistance, you can knock me!


@webgaragepro Thank you

What do you mean by that?

If you have a permission you can open ticket with customer support and attach their reply to you where they say that it’s ok for you to open new account