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Fiverr double order glitch and nothing being done!

Hi all

I have a bit of a weird situation going on and wanted to see if anyone else had experienced it too.

I had an order come in that somehow glitched and turned into two order for the same thing. I spoke to the buyer and they assured me it was only one order.

Speaking to the Fiverr support, they said it was a technical issue and that they would work on fixing it.

So I left the order to be fixed. Now, however, it’s still not fixed, the order was late and then cancelled, impacting my seller stats. Now, on top of that the payment for the actual article I did write and deliver has been reversed and refunded.

Fiverr support have not answered any of my questions around this for the last few days!

Any ideas or advice on how I might get this fixed with the fiverr team, or if you’ve experienced anything similar?

Welcome to fiverr forum…I think you have to wait for CS reply.

Thanks, sadman!

We’ll see what they say hey