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*** fiverr down for maintenance ***


Fiverr will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday/Wednesday. Unfortunately, the site will be unavailable during the following times:
Wednesday morning 4:30am - 7:30am GMT; 12:30am - 3:30am EDT; Tuesday night 9:30p - 12:30a PDT

We will update here once we’re back online. Advance apologies for any inconvenience.




Hope it will bring something good :innocent:


All The Best Hope It Will Bring Something Very Good For Sellers :heart_eyes:


i’m waiting for something to show new


It’s quoted “Maintenance” nothing will show new - i think so :slight_smile:


Waiting for something Cool. :smile:


Fiverr back now in my end. :heart_eyes:


Fiverr back


The speed at which sellers in here detect that Fiverr is back online makes me wonder: did they hit the Refresh button every minute for the last 3 hours? :smiley:


you can say :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah - It’s back - Anybody saw anything NEW ?


You do realize it was simply a maintenance task, right?

They may have added some new hardware to keep the site running smooth, replaced some older ones…




OHHHK - i saw they made search page - only 6 row gig showing - previous was 12 row -


This will make more difficult to get order Now -

Why? -
If any buyer do search service - they will get 6 row gig in the first page - So If you’re gig are coming at 3 or 4 page - They will not going to see the gig next to next page - Most of the buyers do buy gig from 1st page!!

This is my opinion… Others may have different :slight_smile:


Just hoping that Fiverr solves the bugs and we are ready to see a new challenge…! :slight_smile:


RIP my gigs’ rankings once again


What changes you done in ?