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Fiverr down, Is it only me?

I was delivering a gig and tada! This came up:

Before going crazy, I tried opening a different browser and as incognito and it was fine, but after logging in…tada! Fiverr is down…Now I´m worried.

Is it only me?

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All is fine at my end

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What’s the file size that you are delivering?

This occurs to me when I upload file of size more than 100 MB. So then I use dropbox

I got the ‘coffee&biscuits’ page twice, first just when a client messaged to say they are sending an order now, then when I delivered the order a while later… seems to have gone through, though, from my end, hope from the client´s too, no reaction yet.

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It was almost on the limit (148mb)
It is working again!

crossing fingers!

I’m sure that it’s impossible to upload 148mb…

Upload it on dropbox, or any other cloud and deliver the link in a notepad file. Done!

This error comes up right after when the uploading is almost complete and you are about to deliver

I noticed that. I just grab my coffee and whatch the screen as I wait for a miracle

its fine
i think this is same for everyone

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Thanks! All good now!

Just eat them :slight_smile:

I get a page that says OH SH&!

Am I the only one who gets that?

Works fine for me here Down Under.