Fiverr Down? Very few and irrelevant requests


Till last week I could see a number of buyer requests and they would be in the right category. I’m a new seller and give a lot of time to Fiverr to send my buyers some offers. What I’m noticing from the last 4-5 days is that the no. of requests has reduced drastically. What’s the weirdest thing? I would get the response from one or two buyers after every 8-10 offers. but I have not received a response from a single buyer from the last 5 days. Not sure what’s going on! Is this a bug? or time of the year when this usually happens? Is there any chance they shadowed or disabled messages to my inbox from buyers?

Looking forward to your thoughts.
Thank you



Thanks for the response.

I would like to know what’s going on. :slight_smile:


There is everything you need on that other thread that @fonthaunt made, just read everything…