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Fiverr Download Speed is SUPER SUPER SLOW

Am I the only one who faced, Download Speed is super slow in Fiverr?


It’s depends on you computer and network speed.


It depends on the internet speed of your computer. You can check your internet speed.

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Hi Aamarteam

No I have the same issue and currently I am downloading at a speed of 3KB/Sec.

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In my case, speed improved after using a VPN.


Yes! This has become a daily issue now a days. I have been using 3Mbps internet connection, I can download from anywhere with good speed, but when it comes to fiverr; say downloading atachment of the buyers, It is SUPER SLOW!!! The speed is in “Kbps”. Just failed to download a 19MB file which took almost 20 minutes to download upto 18.55MB at 10-12Kbps speed and then suddenly download stopped! Any solution please?!!

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I don’t think there is any solution, Fiverr should buy more bandwidth for their file servers.


You are right and I think so.

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It’s exactly the same for me!
For 6 mebabytes my 100,000 line needs 19 hours!

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Same here. Happened every day for the past 3 weeks. Location Germany, Berlin. I can’t download the order specifications of 8.5MB size because it takes several hours to download.

How can I finish my work on time if downloading a MegaByte takes hours?

It’s not my internet connection. Here’s the speedtest I made during the same time while trying to download the buyer’s specs in their order.

Can this please be fixed @Fiverr? It’s really frustrating and I’m loosing money because I can’t provide my clients feedback in time.


I am not facing this type of problem at all… I think your internet speed is slow…:roll_eyes:

My internet speed is super fast. I am using 15 MBPS speed connections which means 1 GB file can download in just 20 mins where I can’t download sometimes 8 mb files from fiverr less than few hours.

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I have the same problems. Right now I’m downloading with Bytes/s(!) even though my internet speed is 100MB/s (~12.5 MBytes/s). This was tested while downloading, since the bandwidth can’t be affected by this pathetic provided downloadspeed.
@Fiverr do something. Paying for a service like this feels terribly wrong.

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Me too. It’s definitely not because of my internet. I’ve tested several times. I wrote to the Fiverr support and only received the deletion of the cookies as a solution. That didn’t help. @Fiverr: I ask for a solution and an opinion on this problem. I can’t download files at this speed. We and the VAs pay enough fees.

My file is 200MB and it says after 5 days i will receive the file. what the… every other day it is fast. What is wrong! my internet is 330MBPS checked on ookla already.

The file is only 54mb and my internet speed is 800 mbps…24 hrs left…really super slow…