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Fiverr Due payments Not Showing

Hi … people I need your support because my due payments are no more arriving in my payoneer account. One payment was due on 28th May and the other was due on 29th May both the payments have not been released. Any idea why it is happening. I am worried !

The same thing has happened to my gigs with paypal. I have put myself on vacation until it is resolved. Two gig due to clear, one yesterday the 28, one today, neither have cleared yet.

Thanks Fixednow ! Anybody else with the same complain. Will any Fiverr official guide us, as to why our money is stuck ! We are working so hard and I have raised this query on Fiverr help center and no reply so far. Thanks Fixednow you shared your experience it will be useful for the people joining in. Is there anyone else out there facing the same problem ?

I earned some money from this site, more than a month ago and there was not any problem. There could be problems now but from a month I have not received any order so my account is empty. In case of problems you can contact with support on this site for getting instant details and help.

Reply to @fixednow: Hi fixednow… did you make any compain on Fiverr and is there any response from Fiverr Help Center?

I have quite a few just stuck there…since the 28th. It’s driving me crazy. :confused:

Thanks Outlawsphinx for putting your feedback ! Please also share have you contacted help center and what is there response ?

I haven’t. I just noticed because this is the second time it’s happened to me this month, so I went looking to see if anyone else had experienced a delay. I’ll contact them and update when I get a response.

I also have payments which were due clear on May 28, but the system still showing these payments as pending for funds pending clearance.

I have the same

Still waiting for pending payments from 28th as well. Will contact support.