Fiverr Earning Calculation Problem!



Today I got an order and it has been already marked as completed by customer. But then I realized that there is some problem in calculation. As you can see in the image total should be $15 but it is showing just $10. And I received only $8.


Reply to @kay2809: I didnt looked on that before at all. Today I got tip and remembered this tread, and as I can see there isnt tip nowhere to show except on order page.

I guess still isnt fixed.


After checking out my other order reports. I found that it is common in every order reports. Then I think its a bug.


The funds are there but don’t show up normally.

Also they don’t add up to the earned this month.

I have notified the support but they haven’t done anything. It’s been 3 weeks.


I imagine you already know this, but Fiverr takes a 20% commission on everything. This is why you’re earning $8 instead of $10 on the base order. Fiverr processes tips separately, so it’s not showing up in your order summary. You will get $4 for the tip though. In my experience, tips show up just like this too.


Reply to @mhwoolz: Read my post carefully.


Reply to @kay2809: In fact it is not showing up in Pending Clearances. :confused:


Reply to @amit98038: I have read your post. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood something - please point it out to me if I have.

I’m saying that Fiverr processes tips separately, so it will not show that extra $5 in the order total amount, nor will it show the $4 in the “You earned $x”


Reply to @amit98038: Contact the support with this problem. I have just checked and the tips show up with the total on the order page. But yours doesn’t.


Reply to @amit98038: Hi! Sorry if what I said earlier was wrong. I’ve looked back through a couple of my orders with tips and compared them with your order. I think what Fiverr is doing is showing the tip twice on the order page. That blank extra with +1 day on your order page is the tip, and then for some reason Fiverr shows the tip again beneath it. If this is in line with what happened on my orders, you’ve been tipped once, and Fiverr displays it as both an extra and a tip on your order page. Even though it shows it twice, you’ve only actually been tipped $5, and that’s what’s being counted in your order total.

I’m not sure why they’re writing it that way - it’s a little confusing. I’m just basing this off of personal experience and what I see on your order page, so someone official from Fiverr CS could probably give you a better explanation. But it looks like you’ve really just earned $8 (including $4 from a tip) and the way the order page lists it just makes it look like you’ve actually earned ($12).


Reply to @mhwoolz: Finally… you got my point. Thanks for understanding :smiley: And yes CS should fix this up.