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Fiverr earning Wishlist


Write your wishlist you want to complete with fiverr earning

my wishlist is to buy

  • Iphone 5s
  • MAcbook pro or any other good laptop
  • DSLR camera
  • a car ( price around 7000$ )

    whats your wishlist ?



I already bought Moto G , Transcend portable hard disk , Cisco router with my fiverr earnings

Next I wish to buy MacBok Air


Lol I’ve just been using Fiverr revenue to help offset my bills and rent so far. It’s very slow going but it’s good for now before I get started at my new job.


Reply to @kjblynx:

Best wishes for eye surgery brother :slight_smile:


Reply to @kitsaros:

Just car and laptop :stuck_out_tongue:


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That’s good


Since I’m new here my first goal would be a new phone-I got my eye on Moto X

Then probably invisalign(i wanted them since i was a teenager) but their price in my country is around 5000$-6000$ so dreaming big here :slight_smile:



My wishlist is:

  • an iMac
  • a house (the reason is, I moved out. My lab is actually nomaden style now. Which is I work in my parent’s house and some friends’s. And sometime I work in a coffee shop), and
  • a wedding ring. :slight_smile:


I’m a big fan of classic cars. Need to buy a Toyota Corolla KE20 for a custom build :D/

And need to complete the construction of my house :-B


I wish! Now I’m just praying to get 6 buyers to get to level 1 so I will get more sales, anyway I would like to buy XBOX One with the money


I would have to say my wishlist would be a new computer, a camera, Photoshop, and a house.


If I ever get that many sales fingers crossed just got my first one! ouo I’m a nerd so I’d blow it all on a WiiU 8D.

That is uh, building up a rainy day fund. After that probably a better computer.


Any earnings I make on Fiverr will be either added to my “buy a home” funding jar, or will be used to take my wife out to dinner :">


Reply to @jb8pjj: Dream big and work hard nothing will stop you to getting it

Best wishes


Reply to @theowl89: the wedding ring hmmm someone special ahan :wink:


Reply to @ishara94: ohh yes I am also big fan of classic cars but I love walking too much :slight_smile:


Saving for a private enough plot of land and a home(thinking Cabin+Yurt combination.), and a pretty cool open area for guests.

Other than that, various projects I had in mind, a proper “office” and just random misc. little things.


Reply to @kodemania: precisely, to be my 24 hours mood-booster, boss! :smiley:


I am going to visit china :smiley: on fiverr earning yahoooooo and buyed a office table recently