Fiverr earnings and THE JACKSON'S!


I have been a Jackson fan my entire life. As a matter of fact, one of the many things on my bucket list was to meet the Jackson’s in person.

A few weeks back a friend of mine who lives in Las Vegas called me and said you won’t believe who’s coming to Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Yes, the Jackson’s!!

In the last few months, I’ve busted my butt on Fiverr to pay for this once in a lifetime experience and guess what? I made it happen and it’s all because of

Not only did I go to the show but I also got to meet them, face to face…with of course, my treasured Fiverr t-shirt on!!

I simply love Fiverr!! Fiverr allows me FREEDOM! Freedom to travel, freedom to be creative, freedom to operate my little business at my own convenience. Yes!! I’m the boss. I will and forever be a Fiverr addict. Thank you Fiverr for this and many other great experiences!!



Growing up in the eighties, I’m still having trouble believing Michael is no longer with us. He died on my birthday and it still shocks me when I realise he really isn’t here any more.

In my opinion, all the Jackson’s music is timeless, but then again, that’s coming from a person that doesn’t like any music released after the year 2000 :smiley:

Fiverr is fantastic and it’s growing too, meaning more opportunities for us. Plus the fact that I can now be my own boss is definitely priceless.

Keep up the good work!

Warm regards,



i love fiverr


very inspirational I hope to meet a few musical artists in my life time.


Awesome! Congrats that is so cool! It is amazing how young they still look. Looks like you had fun.


@djemotion this is awesome!


Thanks guys it was a blast. I love fiverr


What a great story! That’s the cool thing about Fiverr; being a seller on Fiverr - dreams can and DO (you can testify to that fact) come true!

Thanks for sharing the great time you had, djemotion!


I’ve just been BLOWN away by how amazing fiverr is, how it has changed my life! Kudos to you!!!


Wow! I’ve got goose bumps after watching your video! What a remarkable story, it certainly is true that fiverr can help turn your dreams into a reality, one gig at a time. :slight_smile:


Congratulations to you who have made his dream come true! :slight_smile:


Wow, How about post it on the fiverr blog?

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys


Awesome! I see so much of these here; how the fiverr community has helped and all that. It’s a say “work hard cos’ it’s happening here” well congrats to all those whose lives have being transformed by fiverr.

What a great accomplishment! And to those still struggling, perseverance is the key. Y’all are awesome and let us all keep it so.



Great to hear. :slight_smile:


One good story I tell you! Congratulations!


This is so awesome! Meeting your idols is really an overwhelming and great experience for sure. I am so happy for you!


Great! I love all of this to :smiley:

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What a cool story to share! I can feel your happiness somehow :slight_smile:


That’s an awesome story man. Glad you made it to meet them!


i also wish to write a great success story of mine through fiverr :slight_smile: but your story was greattt… enjoyed :slight_smile: