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Fiverr Earnings Calculator and Financial Target Settings Information

Hi everyone,

I’ve just created a unique gig, as a result of actually wanting to help myself, then realising I can help others!

I want to push the earning capabilities of Fiverr, for myself personally, due to the freedom and ease by which it allows me to earn money.

I also wish to prove a ‘friend’ of mine wrong, in that he said I could never earn a ‘serious’ salary working on here!

As my life and freelance career has been heavily sales focused with regards to helping my clients, achieve their goals, I decided, to ‘work my magic’ on myself…and I created two different types of MS Excel Spreadsheets.

The first, was to see how my current earnings (here on Fiverr) match up, against the type of money I used to earn as a freelance website designer/internet marketer (prior to going on maternity leave). And so, using information from my own personal Sales Analytics page, I can update my stats, number of sales, and the current rate of exchange for the GBP£ against the USD$ and get a clear answer to what I would earn, in a year, at the rate I am working!

I then figured, it would be really handy, to work this whole scenario, in reverse. By stating what I wish to earn, and then seeing how that would be broken down, into the number of sales I needed to make, vs the prices I charge, vs the time I actually have realistically to complete such gigs etc etc…

Anyway, I can safely say, hand on heart, I think every seller on Fiverr, could seriously benefit from using this Excel workbook as well.

So I have made a gig, with which to help generate a little extra income for myself (remember, I want to prove my friend wrong on the serious earning potential of Fiverr) and so would like to ask you to go take a look.

There are some very clear screenshots, of the spreadsheets, with real up-to-date data showing (using today’s rate of exchange for the £ against the $) on the graphics for the GIG - so you can clearly see what you would be buying/getting…I am not in the business of trying to palm you off with rubbish!

I have, so I believe, made the spreadsheet, in such a way, that you can tweak the settings, and adapt the answers to ANY currency value. If you think your currency would not work…please let me know - I am keen to cover ALL currencies.

Please let me know what you think…any suggestions and improvements…I will happily send FREE copies of the entire spreadsheet to those who provide useful feedback, as a thank you for recommendations, improvements etc!


PS, here is the link to the gig…



Good luck with your ventures!

Hi emp_angela,

I am looking for anything to help me understand how to calculate earnings against my sales and found your topic. I am interested to take a look at your calculator and trial it but when I clicked on the link you have provided, I could not find your gig.

I am actually amazed just by reading through your discussion, and it made me wonder how effective it is. Would you, by any chance, be able to provide me another link to get to the calculator that you have described here? I am eager to try it and give my personal review of it.


It sounds like a great gig, but shouldn’t it be in the My Fiverr Gigs (self-promotion) forum? i.e. you’re selling. If it were tips you’d be instructing us on how to set it up, not selling your own. :slight_smile:

Of course it’s self-promotion. I won’t be buying, since it takes me all of 2 minute to tot up the end of the day revenues and put it through Since I go through 3 currency changes before I see the money (lol) with wonderful international withdrawals, that $5 is worth shit all when I get it!

Is there actually a report button? I only see “report” next to the replies not the original post.

There was, but someone already reported it. It will be relocated and unreported again. :slight_smile: