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Fiverr Earnings Glitch?


For some odd reason, I’m having issues with my monthly earnings showing the correct amount.

Let’s say for example, my January earnings are up to $2,000. Then an order for $10 is marked completed, which means I get $8 added to my monthly earnings (after Fiverr’s fee).

Somehow, the system is miscalculating, and it will show $2,012 but a few minutes later it “corrects” back down to an even lower amount… $1,996. So instead of showing the appropriate amount ($2,008) it goes up then goes down.

I am slowly watching my earnings decrease and it’s incredibly frustrating because I am well out of over $200! I’ve written Fiverr customer service and I’ve chatted with a rep, but nothing is being done (yet).

Does anybody else have this problem? If so, have you found any solutions?

This is disheartening, because it feels like I am working for nothing…

My "earnings" are not showing the correct $ pending?


A few other sellers have already reported this issue. You could check this thread:

TL;DR: The sellers who’ve experienced this issue have said that the monthly earnings go back to the correct amount after 12 hours or so. Even if the value shown on the website might be wrong, I think the amount that will get transferred to your bank account will be accurate (cuz I think it is just a UI/visual bug, and not a bug in the actual “bookkeeping” data of your earnings which are stored in Fiverr’s system/servers). In any case, it is a good idea to keep CS updated.