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Fiverr eat my Money

Hi all!
I m new on fiverr and i found fiverr eat my money.
they give zero protection to freelancer.
one of my client in contract and i provided my services to him.
all work done and contract end.
after 2 week they take back all money and pay me nothing for this.
I m very very disappointed by fiverr :sleepy:


Do you mean that your order got cancelled?
If so did you contact support team with all evidence that you delivered everything as promised?

It is likely a chargeback.
You can contact CS to explain the situation (with screenshots as proof that you completed your order) and they can have a solution. If you you truly did what you promised in the gig description, you may get a refund and most importantly, it will not affect your cancellation rate.

Check out the following for more information:

Did you deliver everything as you were supposed to?

You’re offering writing services in English among other things, yet your English in this post is not too good. Could this be the reason the order was canceled?


Yes, that actually is probably what it was, well spotted. Sellers have to deliver to the standard of their portfolio, or a cancellation is due. There is also continuous grammar mistakes in both the posts and the Fiverr profile.

All that and the fact that we’re talking to a lovely lady named Brian here. It’s just a strange profile all-around.


One of Brian’s reviews said that English did not appear to be her mother tongue. :thinking:


Brian may be transitioning. We need to be understanding about this.

Gig description is perfect, and yet, your profile description is very bad. Something is wrong.

Moreover, some of your gig description is taken from this website:

Is that website yours?