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Fiverr Editor_picks contacted me for interview and then disappeared!!

Hi everyone,

One month and a half ago I’ve been contacted from the Fiverr editorial team directly in Fiverr via chat from a user named “editor_picks”. They have basically offered me the chance to apply to the new Fiverr business. Here below part of the message (I didn’t include the interview questions):

> Because of your professionalism and skills we want to introduce Fiverr Business - a new environment built for bigger businesses and companies on Fiverr. This is an interesting opportunity to work with bigger clients, leverage your expertise, and gain all the benefits that come with it. Fiverr Business is focused on business-related services and we are building a dedicated business catalog for Fiverr Business companies to choose from. In order for us to better understand your professional match and eligibility, we’d like to ask that you answer the following questions on video:

The also said to look out for an email to gain more information about this opportunity. I never received this email and asked them why I didn’t received it but it seems they didn’t care too much. I then asked to prove their profile, I really didn’t want to send this video to a stranger.

Once they have proofed it, I decided then to go ahead and prepare the video for them (even though the only information I had were what I attached above, not very clear) and sent everything to them.

Once they have received the video, their answers was “great, thank you!” nothing else, they didn’t let me know what was next until I asked them. They then said “We will review your video, and you will be contacted via email later on with further information.” Then 1 week after they have said it would had take few weeks to get a result.

I then decided to wait, 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks, and nothing. No email, no messages. I sent another message asking what was happening, if they had any news and how long would take roughly to receive a result, but they didn’t reply to me anymore.

The reason why I’m writing this is because I wanted to know if this happened to anyone already and if the fiver editorial team had the same attitude. The only thing that annoys me most is that I wasted half day to make this video even though were 3/4 minutes but I really thought this was a good occasion to grow in Fiverr and wanted to do good. At the end, my feeling is that Fiverr Editorial didn’t care too much and just wanted to receive my video for some reasons, they didn’t get back to me with a yes or a no! Does it really take so long to review a 3 minutes video? Did this happened to any of you already?

One video, no, but how many sellers have they contacted? How many videos they need to review, and then choose the best candidates?

(Just guessing here, of course, but it seems logical; remember that it took them months to review Pro applications)

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