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Fiverr editorial board gig suggestions non relevant

So today I got an email that is supposedly from the editorial team, stating that they love my gig but had some suggestions for how to improve the title. The email appears to be a bit of a canned or auto generated email, but I’m not sure if this was specifically sent to me because I’m up for TRS selection or if this is something that just randomly gets sent out to everyone.

I want to take them up on suggestions where possible to help improve my changes of getting TRS, however the two general suggestions mentioned in the email are either not relevant or would actually hurt my sales.

-One suggests including an actionable verb in the title. However, I already do this, it’s just not the first word and both verbs can also be nouns depending on the context, which might be causing confusion for fiverr’s team who may not fully understand this industry and terminology.

-Similarly, they said I should make a more concise title, however there is nothing in my title that isn’t relevant and important. The issue is that I start out mentioning a major award I won prior to the service I provide, as other top rated sellers have done in my category "i.e. I will grammy nomiated engineer mix and master your song.

My current gig title is “I will AES gold medal winning engineering mix and master your song”. Many clients have even mentioned this as a reason I stuck out and they chose me, so I don’t know why I would change or remove this key piece of wording from my title.

Has anyone else gotten a similar email and if so should I then disregard it, or is this something fairly specific to me that I should attend to if I want to get TRS by the editorial team?