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Hello, this is Kevin Park. I have been a Christian Writer from 2013 and I am willing to become a seller. However, I am just wondering whether there are editors involved in Fiverr? I am fluent writer in English but I don’t think I am at the professional level of English.


If you just check out the categories you’ll find hundreds to thousands of editors for hire.


There are no editors on Fiverr in the sense that someone will check what you deliver. If you are nervous with regard to creating a writing gig, just do it. No one who starts freelance writing arrives as a ready-made master wordsmith. Your writing evolves with your career.

Occasionally I look back at books and articles I wrote just 2-years ago. Whenever I do, I feel like going back in time and slapping myself. In fact, my writing style at present is completely different to what it was just 6-months ago, due to experimentation with different SEO techniques.

One thing you might want to consider is not focusing specifically on the Christian angle. It is a small niche and to be honest, a lot of buyers on Fiverr are re-sellers who even if they need Christian content, might not treat you in a very Christian way when it comes to placing orders. (This applies to all writers of any background when starting a new gig).

If I was you, I would create several writing gigs in different niches. State as a disclaimer that you do not offer certain types of writing. Then see every new order as a challenge and an opportunity to improve your writing itself.

Good luck!