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Fiverr effectiveness if Buyer passes racist remarks?


Let me share a recent incident. Today a buyer contacted me and asked me to quote for a project. I gave her my pricing. In response to it she said; It expensive and i should look for long term gain rather short term.

I tried convinced her about the services we will offer even post delivery. But, she insisted to devise a good workable strategy. So, i proposed her a plan in which she should pay for only what is been delivered to her if it the order asks for gig extra on mutual agreement. She’ll accept it and we will move forward. Thus controlled investment she has to make and we will justify our working.

Does this sound unreasonable?

This don’t know triggered something soon after which not just she rejected the offer, disrespected me via her comments and most of all pointed out my Nationality in it. Though it badly affected me as even after serving for such long time fiverr. Is there a way Fiverr ensures and take strict action her?

This matter is in Support and i’ll keep you all posted about status. But want hear from you about the subject of this thread.

Thank you


I was just called “an ungrateful cow who needs to take her head out of her ***” for politely declining to work on the project by a top buyer. Must be the season.

In your case, even if she has a positive track record on fiverr (top buyer status, 5* reviews from other sellers, etc.), I’d absolutely contact the CS with the screenshots. Racism is not something big platforms do or should tolerate these days and I think you have a chance to get her banned or at least get her a strike that will let her know such behavior is frowned upon.


Are you serious!!?
I hope you contacted CS! I’ve gotten rather unpleasant remarks in the past ( like “greedy”) but dang, that is messed up. I’m sorry to hear that you had to encounter such a j*rk.


I have left my message and complaint to fiverr and just waiting to hear what they have to say about it. You spend months and years to build up a profile and buyer comes to you and says you don’t deserve to stand on that level and shows his/her hatred toward a religion or nationality.

Such a disrespect, if nothing is been done by fiverr. Then, i would say not a place to work for long definitely.


As long as you send a screen shot with the rude remarks showing, I’d like to believe
that Fiverr will do something about it. If there is any proof of threats and insults, from what I have heard and read, usually Fiverr takes action pretty quickly. :thinking:


I will share if nothing is done by fiverr.


I used the report button to stop the person from interacting/ordering from me but didn’t report them directly to CS. Based on my previous experiences, getting CS to act against a buyer who has some weight on the platform (namely, number of orders paid for) is a long ineffective process.

Admittedly, this is the first time when I was actually directly insulted by an active buyer (top buyer, around 10 5* reviews by other sellers) but if I can just never hear or see them again, I’m good.

I’m really curious what they will do in your case, OP. Please keep us informed whatever happens.


Sure, i’ll do that and this time even i tried to block/spam that buyer from not interacting with me. I couldn’t stop her :frowning: I couldn’t do anything.

Spam works till you don’t respond to them. Ones you’ve responded it won’t work.


Have you tried the report button on the buyer’s page as well? Same result?

I was hoping this one actually worked comparing to the PMs Spam/Report button. This is the first time of me trying to use it on someone who is quite aggressive so we’ll see how it works if he hasn’t finished insulting me yet.



No i didn’t i just wanted CS to read through the chat and her messages. This ‘Report’ didn’t give me enough to justify.


So sorry to hear that from you guys.
This is something Fiverr should look into, I mean should do something seriously about this kind of buyers.
We as sellers always try to be nice to the buyers, same should be the case from them as well.


Your mistake was to try to work out something after someone said it’s expensive. Never do this. You see what happens when you do this. They do not appreciate it. Just let them take the price as it is or leave it and go bother some other seller.

I’m sorry you were disrespected and there is no excuse for it. That comment to you about it being expensive is a red flag to me and I let them go when they mention that.

I wouldn’t try to convince anyone either after they said it’s expensive. They do not respect that. I’m not making excuses for bad behavior, just saying it’s best to let some of them find other sellers at the first sign of some things.


I totally understand it and i do the same. She wanted to split the order into 2 gigs. Trying to get most out of first gig. So, i tried to be humble and more helpful rather being rude. But, not all buyers take it as positive.

But, will keep this noted as a good suggestion for such buyers.

Thank you


I had an experience where a buyer, who is a pastor no less, said my work was bad and “screams” of being done by a person from a nation as if that were an insult. :anguished:

CS canceled the order, but it did affect my stats. They did say however that the buyer would be reported to Trust and Safety, but I see he is still here. :roll_eyes:


That’s really unfortunate. I have this feeling but lets see may be this time. They prove to be different :slight_smile:


I’m very surprised anyone would talk to you that way Miss Vickie.


You were right same is what they responded me.

Hi there,

I completely understand the frustration this situation may have caused.

We are reviewing this user’s behavior with our Trust & Safety Team. We won’t be able to share any details about this as per our Privacy Policy.

Let me know if there is anything else we can help with at this time.

Kind regards.

How is this marketplace protecting sellers? I truly love being member of this marketplace and i appreciate all what they did to maximize working opportunities for the sellers and buyers. But, such matters shouldn’t be taken seriously? If she did ones, she’ll do it repeatedly with any other fellow national or even any other nationality, religion.

I feel another disrespect from fiverr end. What’s benefit of making them earn profit on our hard work when they can’t protect ‘Seller Rights’ and Dignity?


When I was a level 1 seller, and delivered a completed job to my buyer, he then found my solution to be very easy (although accurate and serves his purpose) but he got angry (I think because he couldn’t find the solution himself and had to pay me) … so he started a ‘race war’ lol, I did not reply him, and immediately reported to CS (the order was delivered but not approved by him of course), they canceled the order and sent me a compensation, and that affected my stats for sure, but the buyer’s profile was no longer there.

EDIT:::: If memory serves me right, he was a TOP BUYER!


That’s one big reason i still have hopes on Fiverr. That they’ll take serious action.


As everyone here said, prove your case and be strong about it, they will take serious actions.

Good luck.