Fiverr email attachments


Hi fellow Fiverr users:

I have scoured the Seller FAQ to find an answer to this question, but, there is nothing at the moment I can find.

I have attempted to find a way to send files to prospective buyers by attaching them to my response emails, but, no success. Is it even possible to attach files in fiverr email, if not why not? What is the logic behind the decision to not allow attachments?

The only method I have found so far is to include links to my "soundcloud" account or sharing through my G drive. Not all perspective clients have time to be copying and pasting my given links into an address bar and it would seem this is anti-productive.

I hope I am wrong and someone can share a way to attach files to my return email. You would have one very grateful mate at this keyboard!!


If by

You mean your Fiverr Inbox, there is a paperclip at the bottom of the message box. You can use that to attach files. :wink:


Thank you. :relaxed:


Thanks Vickie:

I guess I should clarify. Is there a way to attach files when sending a proposal when responding to buyer requests?



No, in that instance there is not.