Fiverr email claims I sent one to myself - HUH?


This morning I received 2 separate messages from return buyers. Everything was fine in the email except the subject line stated:

“You have a new message from CHEEZEES.” Both times! Like I sent a message to my own inbox.

Again, the body of the email was fine and included the actually sender’s names and my Fiverr inbox had the message clearly sent by them.

I’ve never seen this before.


Thank you Barbara! :slight_smile:


It happened to me too and several times!! Should I report it in your opinion? Are you sure it’s a bug and not a Fiverr choice?

Consider I’m still getting two different kind of emails from Fiverr:

  • One with just a standard text and a link sending to conversation

  • One with the conversation written in email body with a big green button saying VIEW AND REPLY

So, why can't we have just one type of emails from Fiverr?


Reply to @bachas85: reported this morning :slight_smile: