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Fiverr email notifications are not showing which gig it's from

Hi, first time posting here. My fiver email notifications are showing which gig the inquiry is from. The first few emails I got did. The said you have a request from [name] from the gig [name]. When I clicked on view and reply their was an image of the gig the request was from. Now there isn’t any indication of what gig the email is for. It’s problematic because in most cases I can’t tell from the writers message which gig they’re talking about.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to correct it? Thank you


Hi Christine - welcome to the forum.

If a buyer uses the “contact me” link on your profile, their query won’t be attached to one of your gigs. They’re basically after a bespoke offer …

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Thanks Coerdelion,

What’s a ‘bespoke’ offer?


Customized. Just chat with them and find out what they want, then create an offer based on that.

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Thanks, coerdelion.

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