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Fiverr embedable badge customization

Hey there folks, i hope you’re having a great day!

I’m working on building my website, and naturally i’d like to feature a link to my Gigs. There’s a way to create an embeddable HTML Fiverr “badge”

, and it works, but it looks totally stupid - instead of my brand name it just says “Seller”, instead of my logo there’s a grey human outline, then there’s five stars, category and the button itself (those seem fine). Is there a way for it to present my actual logo and name? Do i have to manually edit that HTML code somehow? Does anybody know anything about this thing? Google seems silent on this matter.


where i can find the embed code??

Hi @rownok77489 in the menu go to “More” and “Scale your business” :+1:

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Hi @osstudiolive On mine there is the first profile photo I uploaded when I created my account! :thinking:

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Maybe the OP has not uploaded a pic of himself yet OR it has not been approved yet and that is why he is not seeing it like you are.

I think there is a difference between profile pic and forum pic or who knows? Look at the code in the badge - where in teramangala’s code does it show his Fiverr name? I would just follow that code, if you do have a pic that is approved if you cannot get it to work.



i got it…thank you my dear :heart_eyes:

Really appreciate your reply! Unfortunately, i do have a pic that is approved - i’ve had it since day one.
What exact part of the code do you suggest me to follow? I’m not much of a coder, but directs to my profile and the picture is obviously here

I just used a screenshot of my profile photo, Fiverr box of details.

It seemed to work.