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Fiverr English proficiency Test on Arch Linux

Hi. I just registered and wanted to take the English proficiency test you have provided. This is what happened however:
Google Photos
Google Photos
I am meant to not close the window. However, nothing is happening. I was wondering what I did wrong or what I should do now. Is it the unusual operating system of Arch Linux? I hope I did not lose my chance to take the test… Thankful for any answer!
See you,

Arch Linux might be the reason, however instructions do not say anything about OS, just browsers.

You didn’t lose the chance to take a test but you’ll probably need to wait to retake it.

Hello, I am using Chrome Version 80.0.3987.87 so I assume this cannot be the reason. It says to wait 92 days :frowning:
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I do not think this is fair since I did follow the rules accordingly to my knowledge. How can I make sure this doesn’t happen the next time again? What can I do to try and get my attempt back sooner?