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Fiverr English test (8.8/10)

Not a good score but I’m satisfied. Now my question is, will this help me to get orders?


You did it in 5 minutes!? I don’t remember how long mine took but it must have been longer. Did you just click through, hope and pray? (a friendly question, not a judgement).

Anyway, to answer your question it depends on your gig. If you are selling ebooks or writing copy then maybe it’s not great. If your gig doesn’t primarily depend on the use of English then it doesn’t matter.

It’s not a bad score anyway. I don’t think it affects your ranking either. Spend 10 minutes next time, imagine the score you’ll get! :rocket:


Wooaahhh!! you completed the test in only 5mins… I mean seriously???

I also gave this test tho my English isn’t too good to get such a good score but still it took me around 30-35 mins… How can you complete this is just 5 mins…

TBH i don’t know, maybe you have some ultra supernatural powers or maybe really you did it in 5 mins well that doesn’t matters. To answer your question well it actually doesn’t matters buyers will be interested more in your service but yeahh having this is a plus but according to me I don’t think it would affect that much…


Haha! Well, tbh my guessing power is too bad, so to answer your question; no, I had gone through every questions and answered them truthfully (no hope and pray :rofl:). And thank you for your answer. :blush:

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Hehe…I am taking this as a compliment :blush:

I think I took 8 minutes on mine, just because I read everything twice. For skilled native English writers this sounds about right.

As for if it will help: unless you needed to pass a test to post a gig, no. These currently have no active benefit to Sellers unless a Buyer specifically looks for them. Relevant results cannot be placed in gigs and they can only be seen in the Seller’s profile.

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