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Fiverr Error For Life


I have been in touch with support for one week. My issue has not resolved yet. They say just wait 12 hours or 24 hours but still i cannot make the payment through my payoneer mastercard. I don’t know why this is happening. My payment stuck there. They charge me from card. It’s been 8-10 days my money didnt came back to my account. Is there anyone to help? Fiverr sucks…


I wouldn’t go as far as to say that “Fiverr sucks”. Although every person has a different experience, so I cannot comment on that in too much details.

Now coming to your issue, your payment will be refunded automatically after 2 weeks or more. Payoneer has a POS Transaction time. It is also called Pre-Authorized Purchase transaction period for those transactions that somehow didnt go through . In this sense, the system automatically reverts your payment after a preset date/time.

Go to your Payoneer account and Click the Activity > View Transactions options. Now click the "View Pending Authorizations"option. Most likely you will see your recent purchases and payments that got stuck at Fiverr while you were trying to buy a Gig or etc. These payments will be reverted automatically after 2 to three weeks. You just have to wait and be patient.

If you dont see those transactions in the POS list, then you should contact Payoneer customer and Fiverr support.


The Title “Error For Life” what was the intention, maximum shock? it doesn’t mean anything… but I truly hope your problem will be solved… though I am not sure what is the problem, is it that you can not pay

you are not getting paid for work done…

which one is it, or is it both? I hope you get the help you need.