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Fiverr error need solve

Look at the picture. It does not have any order. Still it says there are more then 4 order. Whats wrong with it? from last few days i got this. I dont want to keep this anymore.

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Simply it is bug in fiverr and. wait more days it is fixed automatically


I used to think it was a :bug:.

But I wonder if the “active” appears because there are active Buyer Requests that we can not apply for because of our level? :thinking:

Remember only 10 sellers from each level can apply for each Buyer Request. Therefore, maybe in the case above, the seller cannot apply for 4 jobs because 10 sellers of his level have already applied for that job. :roll_eyes:

That is only my opinion. Someone would have to contact CS to find out for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


CS always tells “wait. I will notify after this bug clear” :laughing: :laughing:
But still not fix it. I contact CS soo many days and always tells the same message :smile: :smile: