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Hi everyone,

Today, I haven’t been able to access Fiverr at all (I get the “Whoops…” page about their site encountering unexpected problems). Since it was still an issue at the end of the night, I decided to try to enter the site through private browsing. It works! Then, I even log in through private browsing, and I can access my account freely with no website errors.

Why can I not access the site through my regular browsing?

Any help is much appreciated!


Yeah, the same problem!
My order was the last day of the revision, thanks god the mobile version works propally.
Whoops appears on the desktop version for the second day.
May be they even don’t know about this bug?

P.S. incognito mode at chrome allowed to enter the website normally, thanks for the tip.

restart your Internet conection

I’ve been experiencing the same thing for a couple of days. I have to keep clearing my browsing/cache to be able to access the site.

I’ll try using incognito mode for the time being.

I did raise the problem with CS and they said that the site was working fine at their end. :confused:

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Its working smoothly now.

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Friends, this wasn’t a sitewide error. It seems to be affecting certain individuals. I ended up clearing my cache, but that didn’t fix it.

The solution: cleared my cookies (just all ones that are connected to Fiverr sites).
Weird why this happened, maybe it was a glitch resulting from their new updates?

We’ll see how long this solution lasts… thanks for everybody’s help.