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Fiverr Ethics


I wanted to know what everyone’s view of Fiverr’s ethics are.

I have seen many people selling gigs that are technically spam for other websites (like bots, comment bots, etc.) I don’t know why these people should be getting paid to do false reviews or bringing false attention to people. If someone is relying on a review of a business they should not be misled by 100s of fake account reviews.

Another thing I have found is copyrighted material being sold. Even if I am not the one who owns the copyright I feel I should be able to report the people. (Maybe a report button?)

Anyone else notice things like this or want to help me understand better?


I came across an interesting read about this once.

I think the ethics should be up to the seller/buyer. I know Fiverr staff works hard on the legal aspect of this, but hey, if a business decides to buy a “shady gig” that is their prerogative, and considering it probably will come back to bite them in the behind, I think it is a minor problem. Most sellers are serious in my experience, and since “ethics” is a grey and very relative area, depending on both the seller and buyers culture and way of doing business, it would be difficult for any company like Fiverr to define what is “ethical” at every turn.


Nice post on Ethics but dont you think its too Late to teach the OP Ethics of Fiverr. Its been 3 years. :rolling_eyes: His account is :skull:


Ah, haha, I didn’t see that! Been on Fiverr for a good while but new to the forums. Deffo too late.