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Fiverr evaluation did not updated

It’s 16 December, yet my next evaluation date is shown still Dec 15 BTW, when will my completion rate change ?


Completion rate normally gets updated once a day, though it will only show a difference if there are a different percentage of completed orders in the last 60 days than the previous day’s calc.

If you think the calc is wrong and that you should have increased your level you could contact CS.
You could try refreshing the page. It may just take an extra day to run maybe but you could contact CS if necessary.

i’m a level one seller now , after evolution i also stay in level one . but my problem is the next evolution day showed 15 December but now it’s 16th December already.

It can take up to two days or more for an evaluation to go through. Mine states for the 14th of every month but I don’t typically see it change until the 16th or 17th.


Thanks for inform that.