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Hi Guys!!!

I am level two seller right now but tomorrow is Fiverr Evaluation Time.

I have 93% response rate, 98% order completion, and 89% order deliver on time.

I needs to have 90% in order deliver on time rating but it is 89% right now.

So will I loose level tomorrow or they will look at other aspects too.?

I always deliver things on time, but sometime conditions make the order late.

Like if you need to deliver the work on SUNDAY. And you deliver the work on SUNDAY. Everything is fine here.

But problem starts when buyer asks for revision on WEDNESDAY (after three days of submission), which results in order showing late status results in low order deliver rating.

So is it our fault or buyer’s fault…?..I guess its not my fault neither its buyer’s.

If there is any problem in the delivered order than buyer will ask for revision and he needs to do that but it results in late status.

Can anyone help me on this as this is going to be a long night for me :frowning: :

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Unfortunately, you will most likely be demoted and lose a level tomorrow because you have not achieved all of the requirements to retain your current seller level.

Only the initial delivery counts. Revisions are not taken into account for “On Time Delivery”.


will it affect my selling services too.?

Demotion won’t affect your ability to continue selling here on Fiverr, because the seller level is just a reputation “badge”. There are certain features associated with each level, and you’ll lose those with a demotion, but any change in seller level will not improve or ruin your ability to offer services here on Fiverr. Your success is determined by your actions, not your seller level.


Do buyers choose services according to badge status or other things.?

Please let me know.

But I never submitted order after deadline ;(

Some buyers might, others won’t. Most buyers place orders from sellers who display a strong reputation, great reviews, and an ability to deliver top-quality work. Any seller can achieve this reputation (with hard work!), no matter what seller level they have.

Thank You, now I am not that scared :slight_smile:

I hope I will get my badge back next month :slight_smile:

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It might be a bug. You can contact customer support for assistance.

@annai80, I know some people are saying/believing this but I am not sure it is true because my rate was affected for a late revision, not a late delivery as I always deliver on or before the deadline.

Never had any issues. Seems to be a bug. Customer support can help. Make sure to attach screenshots of the initial delivery date and time to prove that it was on time.


I feel your pain, I’ve been having the same situation. If the BUYER Starts the order without supplying everything I’m still waiting for the addtional items like content or photos the clock is ticking away! And that effects my score/level rating. That’s not my fault that the customer didn’t get me everything on time. Most of the time they aren’t bad customers either, they are great, just waiting for items themselves. I really think Fiverr needs to reevaluate that clock count down. My regular customers keep getting confused with my ranking going up and down and gigs disapearing because you can only have so many posted per level. HELP FIVERR, REEVALUATE THE GIG COUNTDOWN SYSTEM!!!