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Fiverr Event this summer in Denver, CO? I'll host it!

I’m trying to make this happen and have contacted some people regarding having a Fiverr Event in Denver, waiting for some feedback. I talked about this last fall and am still ready to host it and promote it so anyone who would be interested in attending this event, please reply and share this post and we’ll make it happen!
It’s a great city and any ideas for locations downtown would be gladly accepted. The light rail runs from the airport to downtown ($9) so you wouldn’t even have to rent a car if you didn’t want to.
Looking for around June/July time frame if possible.

Looking forward to meeting you all and putting on the BEST FIVERR EVENT YET! :slight_smile:

DTong (TRS)

great idea @dtongsports just wishing am in Denver. I could have come

Make it a Fiverr + weed event. It’ll be radical, man. I won’t be coming as Denver is a little out of my way :slight_smile:

Although… I’ve just remembered that Denver has the world’s most weird airport. Hmmm.

I should organize a Fiverr event in Bangalore. It will be me and a couple of others, if I am lucky…

…and we will end up having coffee in embarrassed silence…

They had an event in Lahore that looked a bit awkward not so long ago. The hall was huuuuuuuuuuuuuge, the venue was definitely not packed and everyone also looked a bit miserable.

I could have a meetup here in Greece at a beach bar. If all else fails, there’s the mojitos!

I’d come! I love embarrassing silences. I always break them by being as inappropriate as possible. Besides, can’t be worse than the week I had to spend alone with my Hungarian kind of mother in law.

Mind you, I’d have to spice up the coffee a bit.

Sign me up for this one!

Yeah, I have a feeling it wouldn’t be so much about Fiverr business tactics but rather discussing the beach hotties in plain view lol

Mojitos, hotties, and drunken brawl.

Sounds like a great night out to me! So long as I’m sipping the mojito watching the drunken brawl while conversing with a hottie and placing bets on who will win and commenting on the (lack of) style and technique.

If its in Delhi, I am in…:slight_smile:

  • Sujit