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Fiverr Exam / Skill Test

Today I just completed my Fiverr Test. Here is my Score. Fiverr Forum Please tell me; is this ok??

Fiverr English Test: 9 (Out of 10)
Social Media Marketing: 7.8 ( out of 10)


can you elaborate what the question and task they asked and asked to do ??

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There was 40 multiple question within 40 minutes. So, lot of question; how can I elaborate you?

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oo…i understand…and congratulation for a good score

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Thank you & Pray for me.


I got 8.5 in Fiverr English test. Virtual Assistant 7.5 & Wordpress 6.5


congratulation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Crongralation, Great achivement .

Here is my fiverr skill test result:

WordPress 5.1 8.5/10

Fiverr English Test 7.8/10

Virtual Assistant 7.7/10

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