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Fiverr Exclusive tips for Beginners

Please do not wait for just buyer’s request to get the first order. Advertise, advertise, on other social media platforms from the beginning. Buyer’s request is a great way for buyer’s to see you if they are interested, but the net is such a large place for other interested persons to see your gig. Or you can post to different blog sites describing about your gigs.

Hope it will help you to get much more orders.

Check my gigs also :wink:

If you want to offer an additional tip on top of what another user has already posted, you don’t have to copy and paste their words into a new thread and add your tip–you can just post your tip on the original thread.

Also, forum users can already find your account simply by clicking on your username, you don’t have to put your link in all of your posts with a note to check out your gigs. The mods might see this as self-promotion, especially when your gigs don’t really have anything to do with the topic being discussed, which belongs only in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category.