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Fiverr Experience as a new member

I am new here on Fiverr. I have not received any order yet. Some of my gigs are getting good impression but still no order. Any suggestion for me on how to improve my gigs and get orders?

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You will follow maintained gigs impression, views and clicks to published social media without spam. Then today and tomorrow you may get order.

Are your Gig offers unique and interesting or merely the same as everyone else’s and nasty cheap?

It is not easy here at all, esp since everyone decided it would be an easy way to make easy money. I think you need to give it more time tho as nothing happens imediately.


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Here’s a few issues I see (they are just my opinions ofc).

  1. 4 of your gigs are the same essentially. You have 4 gigs for bg removal for products. You only need one.
  2. Inconsistencies. For example your title says 50 images, but your basic gig only includes 25. I would probably feel a little decieved as a buyer after clicking on your gig. But then you have another copy of this gig with 40 images for $5. And another one with 20. And some of them say 10 on FAQ and in the list of what’s included in basic package. It’s all a bit confusing.
  3. In one of your gigs you refer to yourself as “a guy”, but your profile picture seems to be one of a woman. Either there’s a mistake in description or you are using someone elses photo, which is against the ToS.
  4. Maybe it’s just me, but your prices seem too low to me (I know there are other sellers with the same or even lower prices). As a buyer I would feel suspicious of the methods you use and therefore overall quality. If you don’t use automated ways of removing background, you should charge way more. (10 fo $5 seems somewhat reasonable for simple images, but due to point №2 I’m still not sure which numbers are correct)
  5. All of the images on your retouch gig are just removing freckles from already edited images. Don’t remove them, unless specifically asked. That’s not the best way to showcase your skin retouching skills. Also you promise to preserve texture, but all of the images have a very noticeable blur.

This is one of the best photo editing service zone on Fiverr.

Nope. Don’t refer to yourself as “the best”. That is for buyers to decide. And could be offensive to other sellers. In some places that’s even illegal, as you can’t advertise yourself as being the best without specifying the source naming you the best.

Watermark removal

Nope. Don’t offer watermark removal. It’s unethical and potentially illegal.

And just a word of advise, get rid of this sentence and unlimited revisions. It won’t bring you any good business.

a customer MUST BE HAPPY. Full satisfaction is something I can promise to you.

  • Unlimited Revisions for FREE!
  • Free Trial / Sample Work Before Order
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee For Dissatisfaction

Thank you so much for your suggestion and i will try my best

As I said earlier I am new here , I have some lack of information about the pricing of the gigs. Though i have tried to follow the standard yet i am little confused if my gig price. I hope i will be able to research more and more and bring my gigs to a standard. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for taking your time to find the mistakes i been making from the beginning. i appreciate your effort for helping me out. I will try to improve my work and solve my mistakes.